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Tel. +39 392 8240444
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Saxifraga Stub'n

Opening hours:
We are closed until 22.03.2024


Where we are:

We are on the Tappeiner Promenade, right above the old town of Merano. You can reach us:
- By stairs behind the main church of Merano (6 minutes)
- From Galilei-Street on the walking ramps (15 minutes)
- On the "Gilf" Promenade (25 minutes)
- Ont the "Tappeiner" Promenade from Gratsch (35 minutes)
- From "Zenoberg" on the "Tappeiner" Promenade (8 minutes)
- From Dorf Tirol on the "Tiroler Steig) downhill (15 minutes)

Contact and informations:

Family Brunner
Zenoberg 33, 39012 Merano (BZ) Italy
Tel.: +39 392 8240444